Communication Team

Are you a people person? Or do you know your way around social media or WordPress? Or maybe you have a knack for distilling complex topics into clear and digestible bits. Join us and help us connect the scientific data and official information to the people who need it.

On the Web

We maintain this WordPress site, and we'd like to expand to include email and social media updates. Can you lend your tech or social media know-how to ensure people get the info they need?

In the Community

Can you help us by talking about us? Spread the word about HI-DARRT to friends who can benefit, and organizations that can help. Join us at special events, such as the Kea'au Housing Fair 11/17 to talk story with the community.

Next Meeting

To be announced

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Dr. Kimo Alameda

county dept. of aging


Kristen Alice, M.A.

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